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When the nostalgia hits... we come back!

    There are loves that come and go, summer loves and  winter passions;  that's why we created the project  I repeat ; these are special collections that  they arrive from time to time to make a mess and bring more heat to the winter and  a little freshness in summer! ;)  




    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sustainability is a  theme that is every time  most being discussed in the fashion industry, fabric production takes a lot of resources, and therefore, every meter of fabric produced must be used.  We try a lot, but in each collection there is always some leftover fabric.  Brand new fabric ready to become a cool outfit and because it has passed the season,  it would be in some forgotten corner of the stock. We donate the scraps of production or manage to reuse it, but what about the fabric that wasn't even used?  

    Thinking about minimizing as much as possible  the waste  of raw materials, we decided to create the "Repeteco" project - through it brand new pieces are born using prints from past collections; Dresses, Outfits, Overalls, everything comes with the usual quality and a super cool price!     With that, we started a line of fun pieces, which become different collections than  has been presented in the past, mixing themes, creating new color palettes, using new materials   and a lot of creativity.   

     Pay attention to the Repeteco collections that appear a few times throughout the year, always by surprise  and last for a short time!  

It's not just a new outfit!

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