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We support conscious consumption, due to awareness  gives   scarcity  

of resources on our planet.



We believe that everything can have its useful life extended if you take care of it with care, that's why we encourage the donation of parts and their use for a longer time.

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After a long period of use, what no longer serves us can be recycled;  so we continue collaborating with our planet.


I repeat

Making it a habit can make all the difference for us,  for our children and for our planet in the future.

But what are we talking about?

    Since our creation, the environmental issue has been present in our choices and ways of acting, the conscience  that our planet's resources are finite, and more than that, the knowledge of the environmental impact of textile production  has in nature guided important decisions. That's how we chose to work only with natural fabrics, prioritizing digital printing and choosing suppliers that have certifications of good practices and reduction of environmental damage.

    We support the conscious consumption of fashion, we value good choice over impulsive purchases, our pieces are comfortable and produced with quality fabrics to be used many times. We encourage the reuse and extension of the useful life of parts through care with the fabric, with adjustments and repairs  and lastly  instance of the donation of the pieces in good condition so that other people can enjoy what is already done.   When we talk about  textile recycling , so important for polyester articles, we aim to contribute to awareness  about the resources used in the production of tissues, and the time they take to decompose when discarded. A simple cotton T-shirt can take up to a whole year to decompose, if we talk about a piece of polyester this time can go beyond a hundred years, so our contribution came from  suppliers that work with the production of fabric made from recycled cotton, thus reducing water consumption and giving new life to what was previously discarded.  


    Repeat these actions consciously ,   it is an act of love, making this care a habit can make the  difference and impact many people around us; we believe that changes start small and that the adhesion of new people to these ideas will gradually join the chorus for more environmental care and good commercial and consumer practices,  use and disposal, not only of fashion items, but also of everything around us.

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