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A summer full of good stories.

   How about a summer full of incredible stories, which refer to the past of people and places we love, which rescues what we miss and would like to know? Our collection was born inspired by that childhood doubt about the past. What was the city like in the past? What was my grandfather's hair like? What was here before this building? Where does this fruit on the market come from?

    We all have a story to tell, and it is this connection that we seek to bring our summer 2022 to life. Through spacious and comfortable models, natural and colorful fabrics; we invite the children to play and imagine those stories they got to know through those late afternoon family conversations. We carry in the colors, we travel through that make sense only in children's stories, making a fun return between the garden of the grandparents' house and everything that existed in that place before us, and theirs and their grandparents.

    Imagining what existed before the Sunday market, or what our parents' childhood life was like, what was in the farm or in the city they lived in, or even what existed there even before all this existed is a fun exercise, and an irresistible invitation to talk about a time when technology didn't take up so much of our time. Where the animals lived, what the plants were like, are questions that we leave for the children to answer in their own way, innocent, fun and free!

    The Amazing Stories Catalog is a patchwork of memories that we all have, and that little ones need to know, after all, watermelon doesn't come in a tree, milk doesn't come in a box, and before our grandfather's grandfather there was already one little of everything we know and a story to be told here, there and there!

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